New Menu Effective 10 February 2018.

Continental Breakfast - $8.95
Pastries – (2 pastries per person)
House-Made Chocolate, Almond and Plain Croissants, Muffins and Banana Bread
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl
Gluten-Free Muffins can be included upon request

Continental Savoury - $10.50
Pastries – (2 pastries per person)
Basil Pesto & Mozzarella Mini Loaf, Broccoli & Cheddar
Croissant, Bacon, & Apple Chutney Danish with a Fresh Fruit Bowl

Continental Sweet & Savoury - $10.50
A mix of sweet and savoury pastries with a Fresh Fruit Bowl

Breakfast Sandwich - $11.50
Scrambled Eggs with Sliced Tomatoes & Chives on a Country Scone with Cheese
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl

Fresh Start - $12.95
Granola & Fruit Yogurt Parfait
Fruit Skewers
Gluten-Free Muffins made with Almonds
Frittata Cups with a Tomato Tapenade
(regular muffins available upon request)

Yogurt Panna Cotta - $5.95
With crushed strawberries and toasted almonds

Crepes - $9.00
Crepes wrapped with Asparagus, Sliced Boiled Eggs and Melted Brie

Warm Start - $12.95
House-Made Quiche on a Pie Crust: Lorraine with Ham & Melted Onions or Vegetarian with Grilled Peppers
Sliced Cinq Bread Loaf with Whipped Butter and Jam
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl

Breakfast Sampler - $14.50
Mini Bagel with Creme Cheese & Salmon, Mini Pastries, Mini Yogurt Parfait & Fruit Bowl

A la Carte
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl - $4.95
Fruit Skewers (3 minis per person) - $4.75
Yogurt Parfait - $6.50
Pastries (2 per person) - $5.25
Lemon Cranberry Loaf (min. order 10pcs) - $2.75

Morning Beverages
Fresh Brewed Gourmet Coffee or Decaf (10 person minimum) - $2.95pp
Caffeinated, Decaffeinated, Herbal Teas (10 person minimum) - $2.95pp
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (1 Litre) - $14.95
Bottled Juices (orange and apple) - $2.20pp
Premium Soft Drinks/Water (San Pellegrino) - $2.95pp
Soft Drinks - $2.20pp
Water (small) - $2.00pp
Mineral Water (small) - $2.75pp

To place an order, please call 416.558.5064 or email

Terms & Conditions | Disclaimer: most items are based on a guest count of 10 people unless specified otherwise.